If you answer yes to any of the following questions you need to


  1. This sounds like me and my surfaces

    a. I can’t really see too much surface area (end tables, kitchen counters, dining room table, etc.) on the main living area of my house. Most surfaces only get a clear spot when I push stuff aside.

    b. Typically my surfaces have a lot of stuff on them but I stash it all away quickly when people come over.

    c. I try and get everyone in the house to pick up their stuff and put it away but there’s not enough space for everything. So usually I’m the one who gets tired of never seeing / using my furniture and do a mad clean up once a week or so.

  2. When I walk into the house

    a. I usually step over or on a pile of shoes, work stuff, bookbags, sports gear, etc. and am so frustrated by this every day.

    b. I’d love (and love others in the house) to hang my coat immediately, put my shoes, handbag, gym bag, etc, exactly where they belong.

    c. I usually step over or on a pile of shoes, work stuff, bookbags, sports gear, etc. but it’s because everyone else entering the home isn’t using the hooks or closet. I put MY stuff away.

  3. When a friend, family member or even tradesman comes into my home

    a. I don’t let them in. I would never want them to see how I’m living.

    b. I’m embarrassed and I’m constantly apologizing for the state of things, but I don’t have the time to keep it up the way other people do.

    c. It’s messy – Some laundry in a basket ready to go upstairs; toys around the floor; my work stuff is on the dining room table from last night – but it doesn’t bother me if people see my mess. I think this is pretty normal for hard working people.

  4. The post

    a. The amount of post I get is disturbing. So many bills, magazines, junk mail fliers…. It’s really overwhelming so it goes into a box under my desk. I get around to it when I can but if I’m totally honest, there is probably some stuff in there I haven’t opened in a few months.

    b. The mail coming in is a pain but I usually tackle it once a week, maybe a bit longer in between sit-down sessions.

    c. It usually gets put down onto the kitchen counter or dining room table (maybe entry way) and at least every few days, we go through it.

  5. I might do this

    a. I buy every organizational product, bin, basket and desk organizer on the market (a few times a week) because they WILL help me get more organised.

    b. I like decorative and functional things in my home. I buy a few things a month that will help me get more organized

    c. There are SO many organisational products out there now – it’s way too overwhelming.