Decluttering and Organising

Let Lucy Do It is a full service home organisation and cleaning company cropped-let-lucy-logo1.jpg

We organise all the LIVING areas of the house including

  • bedrooms

  •  kitchen

  • living room

  • dining room

  • bathrooms

  • home office

  •  kid spaces/toys

 Session price £45

  One session is counted as 3 hours

additional hours charged at £20 per hour

It is very difficult to estimate how much a project will cost until we get started.

  There are many variables in play such as: how big the space is, how much stuff is involved, how quickly you can make decisions, bigger items can actually take less time than smaller ones (ex: garage will go faster than paperwork / filing)

The removal of discarded items to the Recycling Centre and or Charity Shops can be arranged at extra cost

Conditions apply to removals    

     dependant on volume/nature of items  

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