Don’t Trip Over Something Behind You

Give your attention to that huge pile of shit that sits on your desk.

Its a sign of a mind cleared yes but but not in a negative way 

A mind cleared is a mind ready to create new ideas, ways of thinking, new possibilities.

If you wanted to clear it how long do you think it will take? 

Two mins if you put it all in a bag to be dealt with later.

Fair enough if you’re expecting company not so good if you’re just procrastinating

What are you scared of?

That it will take ages?

That you aren’t ready to release?

That you’ll get lost and lose focus when faced with items of the past?

Or that need dealing with?

That once your mind is clear madness will enter?

Think about when your mind was at it clearest picture visualise it

Was it in a room full of stuff?

Or on a beach?

A mountain

Or just lying in your vw watching the sky

Stuff makes us shrink

Space makes us grow

Give yourself 15 mins

Tell yourself you’ll have it done

Set a timer

Once its gone off stop

Look at what you’ve done

It might be totally clear, organised , decluttered wiped down
It might be just cleared of junk

In which case

The you of tomorrow will be so pleased

She will wake up knowing her junk has gone off the desk

She can see clearly what needs to be done

What’s important

What’s a priority

Any decisions she makes today will come from a place of clarity

She will listen to her inner self

So today is the day to get shit done
Perhaps she’ll set her timer for fifteen mins and organise her desk

 put an inspirational picture up

 light a candle


 Fill her heart with gratitude for the woman of yesterday for clearing shit out

This is the way forward

One step at a time

15 mins a day

looking straight ahead at fills you with light

Love and light 


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