What the hell do I do with all these pictures


 the bane of my life

The love of my  life

I love to take them

Look at them

Touch them

I want to show them to everyone

Which I can do on insta or Twitter etc

But how much more joy is to be had when you hold each one

Looking at it closely studying it seeing nuances I hadn’t noticed before

Telling the story of the photo as you pass it around

Everyone person touching it, feeling the love of the moment held in its energy

Creating more love energy as they too add a story

A memory

My Mum Nan and Aunty Alice mums wedding day my nan was mortified by my mum holding her friends baby as it may appear to be hers

I adore looking at peoples photos if I come to your house the first thing I want to do is look at your photos.
What I do not want to do is sit through five albums on one ski trip 
I want a handful of memories the ones that really tell the story.

A mountainside my mum and dad’s camper van me babe in mums arms sister janine beside

I want to feel the energy that was created the first time the taker saw the image

So therefore only keep photos that invoke happy memories

Yes that may be a beautiful picture of you and your loved one

But if when you look at it a bad memory, negative thought comes up thank it for its lesson and release

Chances are even though the picture is beautiful, flattering a holiday memory etc if it gives you any feeling other than joy when you look at it something happened connected to that photo that holds bad feeling probably not even consciously

Perhaps you bumped your toe, dropped something just something as seemingly insignificant as that creates a bad energy that us then felt every time the picture is seen.

Some exceptions exist, this photo of my best friend Amy  and I at our school Xmas disco aged 15 1991

It’s from a time of huge duality for me, highs and extreme lows, but the sorrow has gone when I look at this because I have made peace with the trauma that goes alongside this photo.

And it was a trauma that taught me more about myself than anything has since

So I love this photo

This one is just a joy

So put aside half hour grab some pictures, keep ones that spark joy, ask if you learned a lesson during that time, but is holds negativeness, thank it for the lesson release

Look out for my organising photos blog post coming up

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