Why We All Need Minimalism

Here’s why we all need minimalism…

  • Less cleaning.
  • I don’t think cleaning up and being frustrated and overwhelmed is a very good way to spend these precious, short years of raising kids. Minimalism has created an escape from that for me.

    • I’m always ready to have someone over. 
    • My house could be at it’s very worst, and I would still feel okay having someone drop by. Why? Because there simply isn’t enough stuff in our house to ever allow it to be that messy. It’s so wonderfully liberating.
    • I have more time. We create the life we want, time is in our hands, and I decided to create more time for myself by eliminating the excess.
    • I enjoy my home more.
    •  I don’t like to cook, but I like being in my kitchen. 
    • I love putting on some music and creating a delicious, simple meal for my family. I don’t like doing laundry, but I love sitting in my living room while my kids play  and I fold their clothes.
    •  Minimalism has allowed me to actually love my home and love spending time in it without having to spend hours or days getting it perfectly clean (then having it last all of three seconds).
    • I’m a happier person. 
    • I just have a lot of joy these days. I don’t really know what else to say on this point, except, life is simple and sweet and good, even when we’re going through something hard. Because it’s intentionally focused on what matters most.Since becoming a minimalist, my brain is so uncluttered and clear, which made me a happier person.

      This Spring equinox is the perfect time to Declutter as it brings a wave of fresh beginnings.

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