I have no time

This is what I used to cry when it came to housework.

I would look around at every untidy room and want to weep at the inevitable whole day it would take to clean and tidy.

So I would leave it til I had the whole day it needed to be perfect.

Then I began actually timing how long each job actually took.

I realised that most jobs could be achieved much quicker than I estimated.

A bathroom can be cleaned in under ten minutes.

A bedroom, bed made, everything picked up and put away, hoovered and dusted ten to fifteen minutes.

I clean and tidy a three storey five bedroom 3 bathroom 2 reception rooms and kitchen, family of 2 adults 3 kids, house in under 1 1/2 hrs

  • All beds made
  • All bathrooms cleaned including floors
  • All floors hoovered including stairs
  • All rooms dusted
  • Kitchen cupboards wiped down same with surfaces

Break tasks down into 10-15 chunks, challenge yourself to clean the bathroom before your timer goes off.
Say it is going to take me all day to clean and tidy this house and it will.

You will lose focus, drift into memories, start emptying cupboards with no real plan thinking you have all day.

You will always fit a job into the time allocated 

Set a realistic timeframe

An hour and a half twice a week of effective cleaning and tidying with pick ups in between is easy to achieve

Carry a timer and actually time how long each job takes especially those you hate

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